Rob Heinsoo (robheinsoo) wrote,
Rob Heinsoo

Number Days

Mearls has been wishing people a “Happy Square Root Day,” 3/3/09.

    Which reminds me of one of my family traditions and of a party I didn’t get to have.

    Family Tradition: We have a party every year through the Zeds when the day matches the month and the year. 02/02/02 was a great party, Lisa’s brother met his future wife! 04/04/04 was pretty keen too, especially since I’d turned 40 a few days earlier. 09/09/09 looks to be on a Wednesday. I’ve been lame a couple other years and failed to muster much of a party, but this year I’m gonna work at it.

    The 12345 Party: I think everybody should have a party celebrating their twelve-thousandth-three-hundred-and-forty-fifth day of existence. By my figuring, it happens when you’re 33.82 years old, which you should be able to fudge as necessary.

    Me, I’m just looking forward to my 23456 Party when I’m 64 and a quarter.

Tags: holidays

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