Rob Heinsoo (robheinsoo) wrote,
Rob Heinsoo

A Fistful of Gold

Twilight Gold. E-Bay Paydirt.

My favorite restaurant in Port Angeles is Bella Italia, which is saying something, since I'm not that fond of Italian food. Our friend Neil Conklin runs Bella Italia. Those are his business cards above, fanned out in Lisa's post-gardening hand. We found the stack of cards while packing, the leftovers of a bigger stack we picked up to give to friends visiting Port Angeles from Seattle.

The business cards wouldn't have been as easy to come by nowadays. Neil had to take the cards off the bar because they were being stolen and sold on E-Bay for $15 a pop. The price may have gone up...

What twist in reality could have created this 'problem'? Twilight. Stephanie Myers' Bella and her vampire beau have a first date at Bella Italia. I think they share the mushroom ravioli. So Neil has been serving a LOT of mushroom ravioli in recent years.

There's a strong Twilight spillover from Forks to Port Angeles. At least two stores on Main Street are now Twilight-themed. One supposes that they cater to people who started for Forks but feel they have driven far enough, Port Angeles and its lower ratio of named-sites will do. I have to say it's pretty amusing. Watching Asian teenagers cluster in photo-groups around the sign for the old Gottschalks department store, where someone must have shopped in at least one of the Twilight books, works for me as proof of the unpredictable impacts of creative endeavor.

And the mushroom ravioli is good.

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