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Colorful Awards
greg staples art, diabolical tutor, Magic
 The first picture is from the bar after the awards ceremony at GenCon, Robin Laws and Simon Rogers captured displaying their Ennies with uncharacteristic abandon.

The second photo is of an award I went to spruce up, sitting in its natural habitat on a shelf of hardcover books. It's the 2001 Origins Award I won as part of the team that wrote the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for 3e.

Given that the statues of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and nearly everyone else weren't marble-white, but instead painted as colorfully as possible, I've been thinking that this Origins muse needs a paint job. I'm writing to solicit paint schemes. I'll get an artistic friend to handle the paint once I've got an idea I'm sure I'll want to have on the shelf.

There are two ideas already in the queue. The first is an obvious default: the book-carrying muse, Calliope, could be painted as a priestess of Oghma, the FR god of knowledge. Not a horrible plan, but like I said, Calliope as a lorekeeper seems like a default.

I'm a lot happier with the second idea. I mentioned the Award-Paint Project at GenCon to a couple people and Hal Mangold immediately recommended that I paint her like a muscle car. Flames roaring down the sides. Oh yeah! Hal's idea has more going for it than he knows thanks to a story I'll share soon. So far he's definitely in the lead. If the muscle-car flames win, I'll have to figure out what to do with the names of the other designers down on the plaque, seems like Ed Greenwood, Sean H. Reynolds and Skip Williams should get some special attention based on whatever's happening above.

So if you have an idea that amuses you, share it here or on Twitter. Maybe someone else will use your idea and we'll end up with a gallery of painted muses.
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Black with orange & yellow flames and lots of chrome trim.

The muscle car suggestion rocks. Maybe get a Big Daddy Roth figure of some sort to be riding on its back?

We do look abnormally perky. Still, it was a very pleasant surprise.

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