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Trump is running for impeachment
greg staples art, diabolical tutor, Magic

I don't think Trump is going to become president. But if he does, he’ll be in the running for an uglier prize.

Two-thirds of the Senate can vote to impeach a President for "treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors."

Trump’s campaign promises high misdemeanors. Given his current and intended disregard for the law, he may get around to some crimes. I don’t expect his conduct to change if he’s elected. Even if you believe his behavior could shift, Trump seems likely to provide enough for a Senate composed of Democrats and worried Republicans to work with.

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This’ll all depend on who his vice-president is. If it’s someone the Republicans like, they might cooperate with Democrats in an impeachment. If it’s not, they’ll work to keep him in office.

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